Have you ever thought of giving a mobile phone to your four or eight year old kid? You will always stay away from their requests when you get a thought that they might misuse them. With the increased safety concerns, it has become more like a necessity to give a mobile phone to your kids when they are away from you. Elders believe that there is no need to give a phone to a kid who doesn’t know how to operate it and they may fall into false pits if they are misusing it.

OwnFone comes with a brand new mobile phone for your kid which is completely safe. The best part about this phone is that it will allow your little one talk to only important people whenever there is a need. It stores up to 12 speed dial numbers, apart from that they can even call 999 in case of emergency. They can’t send text messages and there is no Internet or app facility  The child can call these speed dial numbers and you can call the child, that’s the best part about this phone. This phone is mainly targeted at four to nine year old kids.  This phone is a personalized phone  for instance if your child  just needs to call Mum and Dad, there will be buttons for it. You can choose customized keypads according to your child’s favorite  colours and designs.

1stFone has a size like that of a credit card and it has a thickness of just 7 mm. The weight is just 4o gms and your kid can wear it around the neck or keep it in his or her pocket. The battery life of 1stFone is really good. If you charge it  every few days or keep it in shutdown mode then the battery may last up to one year.

It’s really simple to operate this phone. It will be delivered to you ready-to-use straight out of the box. You don’t have to read any user manual or something. You can just take it out of the box, turn it on and press the person you want to speak to – it’s so simple.

How to make a call

  • Press the On/Off button till you hear the welcome tone.
  • Wait for the blue light to flash slowly
  • Press a Name button to make a call

There is nothing to worry about giving this phone to your kid, you don’t have to keep worrying till they reach home, you can always keep in touch with them with the help of this phone.

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