Phones can now be considered man’s best friend. Why? Because mobile phones have become indispensable. Mobile phones have become an important part of the day-to-day life of most people and without it; life will never be the same: just imagine life without cell phones – no text messages, no instant calls anywhere anytime!

Come to think about it, isn’t it true that people bring their mobile phones almost all the time? This includes going to the office, to shopping malls, to churches, to hospitals, to schools, to the market, some even to the comfort room … to practically anywhere. Mobile phones are held in the hand, placed inside the purse or bag, or in the pocket. Owners prefer to have their phones close to them that’s why they are either placed in bags or in clothing pockets. Phones have become this important that it just makes sense that taking care of them becomes a priority.

On a serious note, mobile phone owners want their phones to last a long time. That’s the very reason why it is essential to take good care of it.

There’s a proper way of taking care of mobile phones so they will last and they will remain functional and “pretty” – scratch free, shiny, fully functional.

Here are a few tips when taking care of your cell phones.

Tip #1 How to Clean Your Phone

Inside your phone, in between the keys in the keypad, in the sides, expect that there will be plenty of dust particles and dirt. To clean, use a soft brush or a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive materials and detergents.

Open the phone using the correct tools and slowly remove the dusts inside by softly blowing them off. You may use a special air duster (this can be bought from mobile accessory stores), or you may blow the dust out with your breath. Just be sure that you do it slowly.

Clean also the battery contacts, those gold plated material you see when you remove the mobile phone battery from its case. Use a brush or a clean cloth when cleaning the contact. Caution: never use your fingers to clean this area. The oils found in the skin will damage it.

To clean the screen of your mobile phone, use a soft cloth similar to the cloth used to clean eyeglasses and camera lenses. Never use coarse materials when cleaning the screen of your mobile phone to avoid scratching the area. Moreover, avoid rubbing the area too much, and do not push too hard.

If you want total screen protection, use a screen protector. Some mobile phone owners do not like screen protectors because they look heavy and they don’t look nice. This is no longer true. Available in the market today are sleek and sexy screen protectors in all shapes, designs, and sizes. The screen protector will also provide additional protection; it will absorb the impact in case the phone is dropped accidentally.

Tip #2 How to Take Care of Your Battery

To take good care of your mobile phone, you also need to take good care of the battery. If you take good care of your mobile phone battery, it will last long and will serve you better. To do this, reduce your battery power consumption by using as little power as you can. There is an adjustment in the mobile phone that allows you to do this. You can reduce the brightness of the light; reduce the volume of the sound; avoid setting to vibrate or vibrate ring unless you’re in a meeting or there is really a need to. If your mobile phone has a camera, use only the flash when it’s needed. You can also save battery and preserve your mobile phone when you deactivate unnecessary programs like Bluetooth, running applications and other systems when not in use.

If you’re not expecting any call or any text message, you may turn off your phone to conserve the battery. The battery can also be easily drained when your phone keeps on finding a signal when there isn’t one, so change the automatic network search to manual.

Proper charging of the phone will also make the battery last longer. However, for safety reasons never leave your mobile phone attached to the charger for a very long time. Recharge only when the battery is totally drained. Draining the battery will help it last longer.

If and when your phone is damaged, bring it to a credited service center only. This will ensure that your phone will be in safe hands.


This is a guest post by Siena Lombardi. Siena is a technology specialist writer for Phoenix kiosk, a Kiosk manufacturer firm in Tempe, AZ. Phoenix Kiosk specializes in blood pressure kiosks for any size organization.


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