Not like the graphics work you see in the movies like Harry potter, but this one invisible cloak works in real. Something that was only a part of science fiction, but now made possible and in real with the efforts of Japanese researchers. The fruit to the research of Dr. Susumu Tachi of Tachi labs, a world leading virtual reality, augmented reality and telexistence laboratory.

This one research implementation tells us soon in future we could see objects made invisible and this is just a start to that all. The technology implemented is the retro reflective projection and the working as we see in the video makes use of just a video camera, a computer and a projector to display images from the background onto the cloak the individual is wearing. The actual image on the background being replicated and displayed right on the cloak the individual is wearing creates the illusion of invisibility.

Just 50 microns wide glass bead fabric displays the projected image perfect  even in wide daylight. From the researches we know that this fabric can be applied on any material, making the possibilities endless. Blinds spots could be completely removed and when applied to interiors of vehicles or airplanes, accidents or hard landings happening out of blind spots can be fully cut off. Whatever the benefit are of this one technology and its implementations, sure we can see more advanced implementations in this line in future.

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