As the internet and technology continue to evolve, expand, and become more mobile and tangible through touch screens and apps (among other things), the world of cross platform development has expanded and creativity in development has reached an all time high. It seems HTML5 is the way forward, and any lingering debate on whether Flash or HTML5 is superior is quickly being quelled.

Recently, Adobe announced it is putting mobile Flash to death, perhaps finally giving in to Steve Jobs’ statement over a year ago that Flash was really “old fashioned”.

Or perhaps Adobe has simply realised that HTML5 is rolling out a new era of development that must be allowed to progress unhindered. Cross platform media, apps, and entertainment success is now determined based on the flexibility of applications to work across various tools and on touch screen technology. Apps, games, and tools which work on merely one tool such as the laptop or desktop may soon become obsolete.

Trends are indeed pointing toward a fully integrated cross-platform world, and indeed a cross cultural one. This is exciting for creative developers, gamers, Android and iPhone users, tablet owners, and entertainment enthusiasts all at once.

So why is HTML5 better than Flash?

1. It doesn’t drain your system: Flash overload symptoms such as battery drain, touch screen issues, and overheating are not an issue for HTML5 supported apps. This means smoother running of programs without draining your phone or tablet.

2. It supports cross platform trends: HTML5 is usable across different types of technology including all androids, iPhones, tablets, and laptops making it truly cross platform and inviting greater integration of development. Interactivity is a key part of the future of technology thus making HTML5 a portal to the future.

3. It embraces and fuels creativity: If you haven’t yet witnessed some of the wonderful creative endeavours produced through HTML5, you really must take a peak. This interactive music video experience from OK Go is a case in point, one of the most exciting uses of music, animation, and video production we’ve seen online. And there’s much more of this to come in the future.

Some may disagree and tout that Flash will remain, but it seems clear to most creative developers that the way of the future is cross platform via HTML5 which allows for enhanced creativity, exciting interactivity and clear interoperability. There are of course more technical benefits of HTML5 for programmers and creators, but I will leave that to the technological gurus to describe.

Essentially, through the creation of mobile internet, tablets, and HTML5, the internet is becoming a tool for connecting the world not just via websites, information and products but also through increased creativity and community. And this is a very good thing.

Guest Post: K Newey is a copywriter and creative script writer who is excited about the future of cross platform developments and its impact on writing. In light of future cross platform and likely cultural interactions cross cultural training and development will come in handy along with training for virtual teams.

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