I read the book “Getting real” by 37 signals couple of months back. This book is a valuable asset for web developers and Entrepreneurs. I am publishing major points of the book. Pdf is available for $19 @ 37 signals and paper book is available @ Lulu.

Meanwhile read my open source venture inspired by 37 signals

1) Keep application simple as ever.

2) Less software is more manageable.

3) If there is a solution that need less development time than current better adopt the new.

4) If the developer is not willing for a change, give developer time to change.

5) Make the designers and developers to work together so that we can avoid unnecessary time wastage.

6) Try to avoid unnecessary meetings. Meetings are needed when there is lack of clarity in requirement.

7) Idea without execution is nonsense.

8 ) Don’t spoil out the personality of application by adding 100 unwanted features.

9) Try to identify unique and useful features.

10) Don’t be baulked to release data API or RSS so let the developers can play around with new ideas with data feeds.

11) Instead of asking customers what are the new features needed ask them what all features need to be removed from the application.

12) There is no use in creating 100 of pages as requirement documents instead tell the features as real stories and mock ups. The best way of mock ups are design in plain hands or HTML designs.

13) Every page has three states regular, blank, error.

14) Don’t design application assuming the regular state only. Every users see blank state first. Keep the blanks state as an interactive session where we can show the features and mock up of how the regular page looks. Thus the customers will gradually understand the applications from demo.

15) Keeping wordings in the pages reflects real feelings of customers.

16) Design web pages from the customer’s point of view.

17) A powerful promo site an essential for applications.

  • Overview
  • Tour
  • Screen capture and video
  • Manifesto (explain ideas and philosophy behind it)
  • Case studies
  • Forum
  • Pricing & signup
  • Weblog
18) Fund yourself external funding should be your Plan B.

19) Blogging are effective than advertisement and cheaper way to publicise your product. 

20) All application does support some free or limited usage of your application.

21) Don’t try to impart set up charges and initial charges during signup instead go with monthly based billing so that any user can discontinue the usage of application at anytime without any loss.

22) It is better to add different levels of plans so that some features are available in plan a, plan b so on. So that customers may sometime will to upgrade the plan.

23) Update what is cooking in the lab and statistics of the applications in the blog regularly.

24) Try to post one post per day in the blog so that users will keep watching on the blog and thereby you can spontaneously market anything.

25) Try to publicise the logo of the application from before the launch.

26) Create buzz after launching the applications.

27) Try to collect emails from the website we created for promotions.

28) Education is the soft way to get your brand and product visibility. Continuously releasing pdf’s and study material through blogs and promo site help us to brand the product. This is real reason why corporate like Microsoft, IBM etc release different papers regarding there products and related works.

29) People you educate will become your evangelist.

30) Track all bloggers who write about your product(s) and give thanks by comment or some other means.

31) Add bloggers who blog about your product into your crush list so that next time onwards new feature release and updates will be updated first.

32) Don’t outsource the customer support to call centres. There is no need of wall between the customer and the developers. Let the developer hear the customer feedback that will avoid disparity.

33) Zero training means inline help and FAQ with the application itself.

34) Don’t get shy to get repeat business from people who already know and use your product.

35) Quick turnaround time for support tickets under top priority.

36) Be a surfer and watch the waves and change the business model that suits the wave.

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One comment on “Keep this in your Mind when you develop and market a web applications.

  1. Binny V A on said:

    Getting Real is a very good resource if you are planning a web app. I used many of those principals in creating Nexty

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