The terminology 3D refers to three dimensional representation of an image or even textual matter. There is a depth that is created with an image that allows a different vision of an image. Recently this technology has been widely used in the making of feature films and animated productions alike. In these productions there has been a enhancement of the depth perception for the viewers which has successfully created a similar environment for them as an illusion. There is a double use of computer generation of special imagery along with accessories like 3D eyewear with which one can enjoy the experience of being a part of a movie. In addition to movies in theaters there is similar technology available for television broadcasting and online streaming of video directly on your desktop PC or home television set.

Though there has been a newfound enthusiasm for the use of 3D technology in films and other forms of entertainment productions this had been developed in the 1950s. At the time this was a technology that was used in a variety of ways other than films and entertainment software. There is a higher expense involved when this technology is used in the making of films and other forms of entertainment software in the form of hardware and other processes. There weren’t too many enthusiasts for the use of this technology in the initial years; there was however a resurfacing of its use in American cinema in the 1980s. Around the years of 1990s the IMAX theaters and venues for Disney productions were great encouraging factors for the users of this technology.

With the onset of the 21st century there was a new found appreciation for 3D films among the makers and viewers of films. December 2009 this was proved with a phenomenal success of the superb 3D presentation of the film Avatar. Not only did this film break records at the box office on an international scale but was also the recipient of 9 Academy Awards.

There are 3D computer graphics also referred as 3D models; these are expressed with mathematical precision to elaborate an image in this way.  They are created with the use of three primary features – the object, the layout and the animation with which motion and placement within a scene is described and lastly 3D rendering with which the image is produced. The first process is a description that takes the form of the object. This can be done by an artist or even an engineer who is aware of the use of tools available for such computing tasks. Before the final process there is a complete creation of a layout of an object and the scene within which it is placed. In this attention is paid to location and size of the object in relation to other items within the scene. Finally there is a process of rendering which is a transformation of the image into an image. For this there is a simulation of light transport. There are software applications and graphics API for 3D graphics creation.

It is a technology that can transform the way you have seen images and films all these years.

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