The life of a student is full of difficulties as they need to keep track of all the notes of different subjects and also perform some of the other essential activities like remembering the tough schedules of their timetables and get hold of all the essential information at the right time. Hence a nice way to perform all the necessary deeds quickly and easily is to have the right kind of Android app for your smartphone.

There are many Android apps present in the world but it is not always possible to know about all of them and identify their usefulness.

Some of these apps are really helpful for a student to perform his or her daily activities. Five Android apps which will be exceptionally useful for a student are listed below:

  1. Recordoid: Sometimes a student may find difficulty in following a teacher’s lectures when he or she going very fast. A student may also find it necessary to take down all that the teacher is telling but is unable to do so since the teacher is not dictating but simply giving a lecture. The Recordoid app may come in handy for these purposes. The recordings of this app are more clear than the normal sound recorder of your phone and one can listen to the recordings efficiently as well. The recordings are stored directly to the phone’s memory card. Hence you can record the lectures for as long as you want.
  2. Math Formulary: Very often we find that the large numbers of complicated formulae in mathematics are difficult to memorise and understand. The Math Formulary offers a brilliant list of formulae in subjects including Basic Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry that will be immensely useful to all the students. It also provides the user with graphs and diagrams to explain some of the more difficult ones.
  3. Quickpedia: It is very important to have access to all the information that a person needs at the right time. The Quickpeida is a fast and useful app to enable a person to have access to the necessary articles found in Wikipedia. Quickpedia is very simple to use and one may even save their important articles to the memory or read them when offline or get hold through the history. When the article is too long, only the subtitles are shown from which one can easily go to their required page.
  4. Timetable: Nowadays students have a very tough schedule to follow in one day. Hence it is very difficult but also essential to remember the timetables and not forget them since it can land in many a trouble. To make it easier, the Timetable helps a student to record his or her timetable. Timetables for numerous activities are recorded at their respective time schedules which is very useful.
  5. Real Scientific Calculator: a calculator is very much essential for many of the students. Though there are other apps for calculating present but this particular app deserves mention. It is easy to use and makes you feel like using the real calculator.

Android apps can be very useful in helping out a student. It is hence necessary to know some of the more important ones between them and understand their uses.


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