Got few crazy munchkins? It is always lovely and freaky to have crazy craps around you!! Me being a totally crazy person got a bunch of crazy friends!! Hehe, birds of the same feather flock together! Does it spark any idea!! So don’t we have to welcome the winter season, the Christmas season with few crazy gifts! Yayyy I got few crazy holiday gifts for my crazy friends! Wanna check?

USB Drink Chiller And Warmer

One of my geeky computer freak spends almost full time in front of the laptop! So gonna surprise him with this USB drink chiller and warmer! This USB drinker will keep your soft drink chilled and your hot cappuccino steaming hot! The USB plug can be easily plugged into any of the USB port of your laptop or desktop and enjoy drink as you wish. Got an easy to operate switch button to change the temperature. A gift to carry with your laptop as you go for trips or hangouts! Priced at $21.95 and you can avail this at Convenient  Gadgets &Gifts!5 Crazy Gift Ideas for Holidays This Year

Inflatable iMusic Chair

Now most of the gadgets comes with music system and speakers to enjoy music in everyday life. This lovely inflatable chair is for my crazy song lover. She is addicted to music and always seen with headset plugged on her ears. This chair can be connected to a MP3 player to the speakers which is in-built on the cozy headrest. Your player can be put in the pocket provided. Won’t it be super cool to sit at ease and listen to Robert Miles and Rihanna!! Priced at $34.99 and you can avail this at!5 Crazy Gift Ideas for Holidays This Year

Star Wars Bathrobes

A unique kind of bathrobes for those Star Wars fans out there! You don’t maybe look like Yoda or Jedi, but as you wear this character bathrobe you feel as one Star War theme character!! Neatly sewed with 100% soft terry cotton with designed Yoda’s ears and pockets. Priced at $79.95 at Wireless!5 Crazy Gift Ideas for Holidays This Year

 Crazy Clubhouse

Build your own little clubhouse as you go camping this holiday! An Igloo kind or a small cubby house for all fun folks out there. With the provided balls and sticks its easy to create the small clubhouse and make your outdoor fun more thrilling!! Even lights can be avail with the pack! You can pack this fun clubhouse along with your sleeping bags and outdoor tents! Check out more here at Crazy Forts!5 Crazy Gift Ideas for Holidays This Year

Tefal Toast n Egg

A wonderful crazy but rather useful gift idea! A compact toast n egg device for you to carry wherever you go! Toasts bread at the same time boils or poaches egg serving you with the most quick breakfast in morning hours! This can be a lovely gift to those who takes on this breakfast, also saving lot of time! Priced at £25.67 and click on From 31 for more info!

5 Crazy Gift Ideas for Holidays This Year

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One comment on “5 Crazy Gift Ideas for Holidays This Year

  1. Arun Basil Lal on said:

    I could really use that Toast and Egg, looks like a time-saver! In case you want to bring one from the UK ;)

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