Yayy the awaited season of the year is at our doorstep!! Christmas season!! A season of gifts, candies, joys, lights, love and sharing!! Don’t you wanna surprise your kin and kith?? Of course, we know that you are excited to surprise them!! Here are some top websites to send Christmas greetings to your friends and relatives across the globe!!

 123 Greetings

The most famous online greetings site which is popular just through the online cards it offers us! 123 Greetings got a huge collection of different varieties of cards including anniversaries, family, flowers, birthday, fun, thanksgiving, seasons, and many more making the site a highly rated one ever. Christmas greetings cards are plenty currently. Go to 123 Greetings, select Christmas option from the dark blue color tab and get the desire card. The Animated Christmas Snowman and The Glow Of Christmas are among the popular rated cards with 96,708 and 63,704 views!

5 Websites to Send Quality Christmas Greetings Online

American Greetings

A pleasant site which you could feel it by the gentle way of design which attracts people around the world. This top rated site offers gifts, discounts on personalized cards, free downloads, even this site gives you provision to print your own cards from home, and many options with a list of e-greeting cards. You can easily become a member of this site to get more benefits on shopping cards! Go to American Greetings, search Christmas e-cards there you get a plenty of sets! Just awesome that it provides you with options to choose personalized printable Christmas cards, or paper Christmas cards! Send this newly arrived popular card Peace On Earth to your buddies!

5 Websites to Send Quality Christmas Greetings Online

 Blue Mountains

One of the trendy sites through which you could send free e-cards to your near and dear ones. This sites just like American Greeting or 123 Greetings offers you different collections of cards with printable version, shop e-cards, free downloads, personalized cards, etc. Blue Mountain offers you different types of Christmas cards like funny Christmas cards, Talking Christmas cards, Religious Christmas cards, Musical Christmas cards, etc. A White Christmas is a Christmas e-card for everyone which takes you to the dream world of Christmas!

5 Websites to Send Quality Christmas Greetings Online


DaySpring is more of a well famous Christian website. This site spreads the love of God to reach every heart. You could easily find your e-cards with a quick search option where you can enter the category and in the second box as you select the specific type, your e-card list is ready on the homepage. This site gives free online membership! Browse on to DaySpring for getting those meaningful Christmas e-cards with beautiful verse in any translation which you could opt from the drop down list! Joy, Peace and Love is one of the beautiful meaningful Christmas e-card!

5 Websites to Send Quality Christmas Greetings Online


An elegant or famous site for sending Christmas greeting just like 123 Greetings, American Greetings, DaySpring, etc. This sites offers similarly many sections of e-cards. There are plenty of new Christmas e-cards arrivals and many are at high rating. The cards sing along taking you to the spirit of Christmas! The quick links provided at the left hand side of Care2 gives you many options you could click on to e-cards and get all those new Christmas arrivals. Mantle Card which gathered 1.1k likes in Facebook is the leading collection!

5 Websites to Send Quality Christmas Greetings Online

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