Are you planning to buy a brand new Ipad? There are some facts that you need to consider so that you shouldn’t get disappointed. Here are a few reasons for why shouldn’t consider buying an Ipad given below:

It is expensive

I pad is really expensive and it starts from $499. You will have to pay the sales tax, cases, accessories etc. It will add more to the money that you have invested on Ipad.

It is not good for reading purpose

If reading is your primary goal, then it will be better if you stay away from Ipad. Though the retina display on the iPad makes reading much easier, still the screen still can strain your eyes if you’re reading for long hours. You also can’t read on an iPad on a sunny day.

It is not widescreen

Widescreen movies look lousy on this Ipad’s 4:3 screen. If you love to watch movies on your gadget then this is not the choice for you.

It requires Adapters

If you want to plug anything into Ipad, like a digital camera, then you need all sorts of ugly adapters. You need an adapter for USB’s that’s something which is not appreciable.

It is not good for multitasking

For example you  can’t listen to Pandora when you are  writing a document. You can’t open your twitter app when you are using your browser.  There are such limitations in it which makes it difficult.

It has a Closed App Ecosystem

The iPad only runs apps from the Apple Store. It banns apps for no real reason like Google Voice. Though netbooks don’t have touch screens, you can still install whatever software that you like to have. However if you want to run a different browser on your iPad then you can’t do it, it’s really bad.

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Yogitha, loves to write, on just about anything. Realising her passion not too late in life, she managed to complete her Masters in Communication from Women's Christian College, Chennai. Currently, she works as a Technical Writer with Cognizant. A complete 'sitcom buff'', her current must see list has 'The Big Bang Theory' right on top!

One comment on “A Few Reasons Not To Buy An Ipad

  1. Kenney Jacob on said:

    I have one more reason. It cannot play normal videos, only HD videos will play on it.

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