Can you imagine a laptop that costs $1 Million, it’s there now and no longer a surprise anymore. The London-based luxury manufacturer Luvaglio have come up with this  $1 million  laptop. It’s been said that it is a great device that combines  luxury with functionality. This customized laptop comes with   diamond-encrusted keys.

Some of the specifications of this laptop includes a 17-inch LED widescreen with anti-reflective glare, 128GB disk space and a built-in Blu-Ray player.

You will really admire the personalized options that these laptop offer.

Most often what you do is that you choose a laptop in your favorite color but here you can choose which precious stones that you wish to have on your laptop. It can be probably even your birthstones, leathers or real woods.  If you wish then you can you can even go for the basic option ie a keyboard with diamond-encrusted letters instead of the normal letters. What you need it will be  yours.

It s a great challenge for Luvaglio, to sell a very  rare $1 million laptop, however there is still great expectations that  a set of tech freaks will come forward to owe this unique product that combines both luxury and functionality.

Luvaglio is a company that is owned by the entrepreneur Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio. Luxury published the first photograph of this laptop and describes like “The laptop combines intelligent gadgetry with state of the art technology, such as solid-state storage, Blu-ray, built-in USB memory stick and MP3 player, integrated screen cleaning and functional jewelry.

This handmade laptop, which is scheduled for release this summer, is expected to be fully upgradable. You can definitely wait to know more about the one million laptop till it’s  final launch.The official website of Luvaglio  has not revealed anything still now about the million dollar laptop. If you go to their website you won’t able to see any pics in the gallery.

You will have to wait a little longer to find more about the exact release date and features.

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