A Soon To Be Launched Charger Powertrekk Don’t you get worried on tripping charge from your phone while you go on trekking trips? It is an obvious anxiety when you run out of charge or enough power in your phones! PowerTrekk, a soon to be released fuel cell phone charger by this spring time. PowerTrekk can be used in an emergency situation where it is powered by water and a fuel cell puck to charge the phone. The launch will take place first in the U.S. soil where the cell phones out there could get a glance on this charger.

The news about the arrival of this emergency charger was out from 2011 in Mobile World Congress though, this year quarter is gonna witness its release in U.S. Though solar power chargers have been seen around, solar energy at certain regions are of great concern.

A Soon To Be Launched Charger Powertrekk The PowerTrekk device is priced at $229 which can easily charge up your phone in needed situations. You need to buy a PowerTrekk Pukk of $4 to use this hydrogen fuel charger. Add about half a shot of water and one time use Pukk where the hydrogen molecules will easily get separated from water driving it as the power source to juice up your phone. For your information, each Pukk would generate about 2.5 watts at 5 volts which is required to charge an iPhone to full.

The dual nature of the charge adds more compliment to the device. The internal battery in PowerTrekk can be charged via electricity and kept, which could later used to charge phone.

The pocket-sized charger though look little bulky is much light weighted and the device does great job in splitting water to produce hydrogen which goes to the fuel cell creating electricity which can be used to back up USB connected gadgets as well as charge internal battery.

The company is still on the progress of finding distributors and the rest of the report is not disclosed at the moment. Expecting a great hit by this hydrogen fuel pack on mobile markets by the end of first quarter!

Charge up your cellphone when sun doesn’t shine!

Why not click on video to get how the hyped charger gonna work!

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