Searching for the exact mail from thousands in gmail can be a pain. Using

advanced search operators in gmail can make it all simple. Certain search queries can make a life lot easier when searching for emails or any attachments tagged along with emails. For eg: typing to:me is:starred returns all mail directly send to me and the ones which are starred.

is:chat from:kenney returns all chat from kenney.

is:starred -in:sent returns all from starred mails from sent items.

from:anoop filename:jpg returns all attachments with .jpg extension sent by anoopsachary. More attributes to a query narrows down the search.

A few examples would be is: chat from: jk is:starred etc…

An auto search feature is also available for those who finds this process tedious. To use this feature turn on the auto search feature under Gmail settings –>lab.this simplifies the process of search. just type what you looking for and voila….you get them for a lot less time… Happy mailing..


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