Windows 8 the latest innovation from the Microsoft has gained much popularity recently. It’s mainly due to it’s attractive features. For windows 8, Microsoft Office 2013’s price is $99 which is twice the price of it’s operating system cost. Here are certain pro’s and con’s of Microsoft Office 2013 given below:

Microsoft Office 2013 is tablet friendly and comes with an attractive feature like “Inking” which allow the users to mark on documents  and  take freehand notes with a stylus. You can even reply to comments in track changes. The The best part which attract most of the users is that it saves all your documents to skydrive automatically. You won’t lose your data even if your computer crashes. Even if you have stopped in the middle you can take another device and start your work right from where you left.

You can easily access it from any device using your login details. For using Microsoft Office, you should run either Windows 7 or Windows 8. If you purchase a single Microsoft  office suite then it can be used on up to five PCs. M.S Office 2013 has a new read mode which makes it very easy to read documents.

Embedding videos from the Web into an Office 2013 document is very easy too.

Putting data into spreadsheets is often a tedious task. There is a new Flash Fill feature in Microsoft Office 2013 that recognizes the patterns in your data functions and automatically fills in the rest of the spreadsheet which is something really great and makes your job easier.

OneNote 2013 is another feature that helps you to embed Excel spreadsheets and see a preview within your note. When you update the spreadsheet, the preview also gets automatically updated.. You will find it very easier to work with rows, columns, and headers and do calculations.

Therefore, getting Microsoft Office is definitely a wise choice for the vivid range of features that it has got.

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