I am planning to develop an Agile project Management tool. I am really inspired by 37 signals mode of working. So far they have developed 4 (Basecamp, Highrise, Backpack, Campfire) cutting edge applications and open source web application framework called Ruby on Rails. Moreover 37 signals also developed some more applications, tadalist, writeboard, job board etc. They are developing cutting edge application even working in different time zone. I think all of those who are interested in web application development / marketing should read there book, “Getting Real“.

Getting inspired by 37 signal team I am also planning to develop an application, which is a Agile Project Management tool. I am now acting the role of Agile Business Analyst (If someone are good please let me know I will handover this job to you 🙂 )for the product, and I am collecting requirements from different engineers who are into Agile SE. As a part of it please convey your thought on the same, what you need to improve your Agile experience. I will put them into different Sprints and realize the product.

And ofcourse about me, I have 3.5 years industrial experience in Web and telephony (asterisk) application development. For more information about me check out my LinkedIn profile. Please contact me @ mail2sanilATgmailDOTcom.

I am planning to develop application in Symfony an open source framework for PHP, in LAMP framework. It is one of the best framework available with plenty of plugins. Moreover this framework is designed for enterprise web application development. I welcome all of those who are interested in participating in the project both in development and identifying requirements. The application will be open source under GNU Licence. As of now we have 2 developers in hand one is me and other is Sarath who will handle XHTML design he is an expert in the field.

Let us work like 37 signals, I am in touch with Jason who is one of the founder of 37 signals, will ask for his expert guidance regarding this. Let this be a community intiative which will conceptualize the Agile Project management tool. I am waiting some of the Agile and open souce geeks who have prior experience in Symfony who are also interested in contributing for this project.

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Sanil S Founding member of MobMe Wireless Pvt Ltd, Ayruz Web Holdings

3 comments on “Agile Project Management tool

  1. It’s impressive that you are venturing into this by yourself, I personally think this is how good things get done.

    What will be the basic features of your application (eg. what are the features that you thought of implementing when you started thinking about this application)?

  2. As a start I am concentrating on sprint management and tickets.

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