Researchers at the University of St Andrews with partners at Strathclyde and Newcastle have come up with the prototype for

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a new air fueled battery.The research was funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Its possible now for a new generation of electric cars, cell phones and laptops to emerge.It has the potential to sustain the renewable energy industry .this battery can sustain power generation from wind or solar sources in the case web cam torrevieja of rain or other natural hiccup. The increased capacity is due to the removal of one chemical constituent and the addition of another component which uses oxygen drawn from the air during discharge. Due to the absence of the chemical the weight is reduced and offers more energy for the same size.

The new california highway webcams component is made of porous carbon which is cheaper than the lithium cobalt oxide used nowadays. according to Professor Peter Bruce of the Chemistry Department at the University of St Andrews ” The key is to use oxygen in the air as a re-agent, rather than carry the necessary chemicals around inside the battery”.The oxygen reacting with the free sex dates search engines carbon pores through the exposed surface of the battery is used to discharge the battery.

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