Lost luggage is one of the major headaches of an airline passenger, most of the people who travel around the world might have encountered this problem atleast once in their life. Airbus Bag2Go is soon coming with a solution for this problem, this luggage is equipped with multiple  sensors that can be used for tracking your luggage when you travel. It consists of a 2G mobile chip and an RFID chip. These connectivity elements can be used in conjunction with an iPhone app or an android app which helps handling systems in an airport to keep track of your checked baggage every time.

The best about this luggage  case is that it will alert the owner whenever it’s been  opened by the airport security workers or even someone else who attempts to steal it. It will also alerts you of some possible tampering. The luggage also comes with an inbuilt scale which makes it easier for you to measure your luggage before you leave to the airport.

Airbus is working in conjunction with German luggage maker Rimowa and T-Mobile to create this prototype. The major difference between Airbus’ implementation and other luggage tracking accessories is that tracking hardware for the Airbus luggage is built right into the case which is something really great. You can sync it your phone and it will  track your bag’s progress as soon as it’s been loaded to your flight. If your luggage get misplaced then the tracking technology will make it easier for to locate it.

There is  a rumor that Airbus don’t have any plans to sell this luggage directly. Instead, they may license this technology to airlines which could then rent these suitcases out to passengers during their journey. It’s also  been heard that Airbus will use this technology as part of a door-to-door service. Under this idea, the company would pick up the luggage from a traveler’s home, take it to the airport and check if  it arrives at the correct destination. It even gives a hope for the couriers to ship baggage to the hotel at a lower cost than the usual cost.

There is a question that is left unanswered which is whether you can buy a Bag2Go suitcase at a premium or rent one for a long vacation. Bag2Go is in the initial stages of development, you will have to wait for some more months or years to receive it.

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