The entertainment industry is booming and there is growing demand for online media contents. Amvizone is an initiative that help amateur short film makers to promote their videos online. The group behind amvizone moviez are in touch with film Industry experts which is the USP(unique selling point) that make amateur film makers to host there contents at amvizone. The amvizone group started this venture some time back after the success of amateur video “Jaada at Technopark“. The page impression for the video made a surge in a week which identified the growing demand for short movies. The video was hosted in Youtube for 2 years but after that it was hosted in amvizone the page impression drastically increased.

The application is still in its beta which does not have the functionality for user management but the user management features will be live in couple of days. After that user can be able to upload contents and its management.

Application description

Language for development: PHP

Database: MySQL

Content distributed network (CDN): amazone (which is pretty similar to amvizone 🙂 )

Framework: Symfony

Operating system: Ubuntu Linux.

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