Everyday a new smartphone app is coming up which makes your life easier like never before. The latest in the list is an app that allows you to confess your sins. You are not watching a dream, yes it’s true. The Catholic church have already shown green signal for this cool app.

Father Richard Heilman in Madison, Wisconsin, is launching a ‘My Confessor App’ that allows his parishioners to  know when and where he will be available for listening to their sins. Hereafter all priests will be busy updating their status regarding when and where they will be able for giving confession service for believers.

If you discover a  red status box then it means that the ‘Father is OUT’ whereas if it shows a  green status box then it means that the ‘Father is IN’. There will be  a special log for all the priests which enables them to easily update their statuses and post messages. This app is developed by Mary Hoerr, a renowned web developer.

The app also comes with separate  section that gives detailed description of the the sacrament of confession. You will be even able to read the bios of the priests to whom you wish to confess your sins. Right now this app prevails only in the Maison area and Heilman is the only priest available on this app however many priests are soon expected to make use of this app to reach to the believers.

Heilman mentioned that he wanted people to not feel uncomfortable asking about confession and wanted everybody ignited in the Holy Spirit.  ”It’s challenging sometimes for priests to find time for confession because they have work to do. And parishioners are trying to go easy on Father because they see us trying to handle multiple things,” Heilman added on.

There has been a decline in the  number of Catholic priests in America has  according to the data collected by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate. In 1965, more than 58,000 Catholic priests belonged to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. In 2012, that number was closer to 39,000. On the other hand, the number of people who self-identify as Catholics has grown from 48.5 million to 78.2 million. When compared to the number of believers the number of priests are quite less. The presence of  such an app will help both the priest and believer to take part in such a holy sacrament.

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