Most often when you use video chat on iphone, it will be really shaky and the other person can clearly see even a minute pimple on your face. It gives a quite awkward view when the camera is too close to your face. To avoid this problem there is an innovative product, it’s called iPhone Tripod. If you don’t want to spend more on tripod as you have already spend a lot for your phone and you don’t wish to spent more for this additional gadget, don’t worry you can even find models that comes under $2.5. Here is a good example for such a model given below:

ATC Universal Tripod Phone Holder


This tripod is very lightweight and compact so that you can carry it easily in your purse or camera bag.

You can attach your cell phone to this tripod that has an adjustable ball head. It has a ball swivel head which helps you to adjust your phone in the perfect angle needed for shooting. You can even take group pics with the help of this tripod.

The legs can be extended upto 60 mm You can even adjust the tile so that you can shoot both in horizontal and vertical positions.

It even comes with rubber pads that will prevent the formation of scratches on your phone.

This tripod is made from aluminum alloy tripod with adjustable head mount. It’s available in two different color shades black and silver.

It has just a weight of three pounds.
You don’t have to worry about shaking, all your pics will look fabulous  All you need to do is to plug the 3.5mm earphone jack adapter and then play. You don’t have to download any APP. With the help of this tripod, you can see and talk to your dear ones wherever you are.

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