One of the common complaints from a smartphone user is that it’s  battery life doesn’t  live up to expectations. Android developers  are working out for ways to improve the life of a smartphone’s battery. The main troubles  are caused by Android’s inherent design flaws  especially, its poor background app management. Problems can be even caused due to poorly designed apps that you  installed without having a clear idea. all these reasons will drain off your battery life. Here are a list of few apps that you can download for extending your battery life given below:

Juice Defender

Juice Defender helps you to manage your battery draining components like mobile data,  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With the help of it, you can be online only when you need it. When you try this app for a couple of days, you will really feel the difference. For downloading this app click here

Battery Defender

Battery Defender easily toggles your common connections like GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile data, and Bluetooth. It will automatically turn off all the the stuff that you are not using . There is also a feature called  Genius Scan that offers an adjustable “quiet sleeping” option. It will disable the Wi-Fi and data connections in the night, this may act very beneficial for people who sleep next to their phones.

Go Power Master Battery Saver
With the help of this app you can simply tap your screen to toggle preset modes. This app always keep an eye on your apps to find out which ones are eating it up. By assigning a score to your battery, the app will determine the features that you can enable or disable to extend your battery  life. You can click on the  optimize button to clean everything and extend the battery life. Some special features of this app include multiple user modes, a user friendly interface etc.

Autorun Manager

Autorun Manager allows you to find out which apps start running when your phone boots up. It comes in two modes: basic and advanced. Apps selected in basic mode are terminated immediately when the phone boots, though some will pop back up and start running. If you choose the advanced mode, then you will have more control over things like widgets, receivers etc. There is even a Chuck Norris mode that allows you to kill apps in an aggressive way.


If you wish to automate the Android experience, then tasker is the ideal choice for you.This app allows you to set times for sleeping and disabling of It’s of great use for  people who set work schedules.

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