Now start enjoying music the same time from your computer and smartphone. Among thousands of apps arriving at stores, the list includes highly advanced apps to sync playlists between phone and your PC. Have a check at the list given to install the right one!

doubleTwist Player

 doubleTwist Player help you get podcast, radio, all-in-one music, video, an amazing sync app from Google Play. The features of this app are just spellbounding. Easily sync music including those of your iTunes playlists just in seconds to your PC via USB or AirSync using WiFi technology, creates smart playlists for get in touch throughout with your top rated most listened songs, easily downloads high quality legal album artwork to make the playlist unique, get episodes of podcast downloaded automatically via 3G or through WiFi, offers video, photos and music streaming to Apple TVs, Sonos, Xbox 360 and PS3. For premium features you can get in-app of doubleTwist Player; AirSync and Podcast management.

Android Apps To Sync Playlists Between Your Phone and Your Computer


An app to easily sync your Android playlists via simple platform. Now you can avoid carrying both your phone and iPad and be relaxed as you travel listening to your favorite songs. Since iSyncr operates directly with iTunes, you don’t have to worry of transferring music to a music software. Wanna know more about the features of this sync app? It works quickly with the already present iTunes playlists and music library, works great over MTP, consists of album art with your favorite collections, keeps your playlists updated, sync with different music library at the same time and many stunning features to add along. Let’s start with iSyncr!

Android Apps To Sync Playlists Between Your Phone and Your Computer

WiFi Tunes Sync Pro

An useful advanced app which sync wirelessly iTunes to your computer and Android. Once the setting up of this app is done, there is no need to connect your PC or Android with USB. Start syncing your iTunes by pressing the Start Sync button and here goes your iTunes to your Android. Start installing WiFi Tunes Sync Pro.

Android Apps To Sync Playlists Between Your Phone and Your Computer

Easy Phone Sync

Got a Samsung Galaxy? Here is an easy app to sync contacts, music, videos, from an iPhone or iPad via the iTunes backup on your PC. Music, playlists and podcast can be sync from iTunes whereas via BlackBerry backup on your system, videos, messages and contacts can be easily sync. Get it now from Google Play.

Android Apps To Sync Playlists Between Your Phone and Your Computer

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