To be a parent is a full time job, as a saying goes, and even if your kids are not at home you would always want to know where they are, this thing being easy to solve by having an Android GPS application installed on their cell phones. Let’s find out more about this.

Android, as probably many of you know already, is the OS that Google has come up with to be installed on mobile phones. It was released on the market as an alternative to the other operating systems, such as Windows Mobile, Apple’s iPhone’s OS and others. This type of OS comes with thousands of applications and in case you have your phone equipped with this system you can enjoy the benefits of doing almost anything with your phone.

Having the right application installed on your phone you can as well benefit from Android GPS tracker allowing one to see where the phone owner might be. This application functions as follows: with the purchase of this app you will be connected to a website that once accessing it you can track remotely the location of your phone. This can work as a great tool in keeping track of your kids’ whereabouts.

This tracking can be done in real time as long as the application is always updated with every move that one takes while having the cell phone with Android GPS app installed. There are various forms of these types of applications to choose from. For the beginner’s use this application is cheap and very visible, meaning that your kid would know when you track them and when the tracking process is on. In case you want for this application to keep a low profile on your kid’s cell phone, then pay an additional amount of $50 up to $150 and let the application stay hidden in the background.

It goes without saying that many parents would like to keep this application as hidden as possible for their kids not to feel being under parental surveillance at all times. Android GPS application can offer this possibility that will serve better the parental purpose. But if your purpose as a parent just the need to know the whereabouts of your kid, then the simple version is also recommended. After all, it is pointless to pay that extra money for an application that in some cases can turn your kid against you, as they can sometimes take this as a lack of trust on your behalf.

Android store is at your disposal with any kind of application you need for both your cell phone and that of your kid. In fact, with each option you go for, you must be prepared to spend money on the purchase.

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