Always wanted to know how well you match with your favorite celebrity? Now you can find out with the CelebMatch app! Do you have a crush on e.g. Mila Kunis or Brad Pitt? See your physical, emotional, and intellectual compatibility and discover if the both of you are a match.

celebmatch app celebrity matchYou can see your compatibility for today and the all time compatibility. CelebMatch has a huge selection of celebrities so you’ll always find your favorite celebrities.

To easily check your compatibility every day, you can store celebrities as favorites.

The matching is calculated using biorhythms. Biorhythms are a method to predict three cycles in your life based on your birthday. These cycles are the physical, emotional and intellectual cycle. Each of these cycles goes through different phases: high, low and critical.

The biorhythms of two persons can be compared and tested for compatibility. The compatibility is tested on the individual cycles: physical, emotional, and intellectual. For each of these cycles a percentage is calculated. Based on these percentages a total compatibility percentage is calculated.

If the compatibility is low this doesn’t mean a relationship has no chance of success, it just means you’ll have to work harder to make it a success.

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