It’ s been said that after the loss of it’s visionary leader Steve Jobs, Apple is slowly losing it’s track in innovative field. Recently the makers of  iPhone have come up with something new. Apple received a patent for making an iPhone with “disappearing button or slider.” There is a buzz in the tech world that the future iPhone models will come up with invisible buttons.

The patent granted to Apple on Tuesday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office says that the buttons in iPhones and other devices featuring this patented technology will remain hidden by default and appear only when needed. A recently discovered patent application suggests that Apple would gradually take off  its visible iconic home button on its iPhone, which acted like a mainstay on the smartphone ever since the original iPhone was launched in 2007.

It’s been said that these buttons will be made of the same material that is used for making the casing of the device so that they won’t be that visible. The buttons will also be backlit through tiny holes inorder to pinpoint its location, sometimes the  backlight itself get activated when you tap the button.


How the buttons  get activated is that when they sense heat, sound or motion of fingers on the surface. A slider control will also under the same principles, remaining invisible most of the time and pops up only when you activate it.  In fact, all of the conventional keys, buttons, track pads, etc. on a MacBook or other electronic device can be replaced by invisible inputs according to the present patent.

This patented technology would not only work alone on smartphones but also on laptops, game players and Macbook as well. On a laptop with such technology, the touch-screen control will become visible only when a DVD is placed into the drive or a camera is inserted into a USB port. said this was one of at least 34 patents granted to Apple by the on May 7.  Apple has been working on such a technology since 2006. Apple credits Omar Leung and David Amm as the inventors of this granted patent which was originally filed in Q4 2008 and published now on May 7.

There is even a rumor that Apple is currently working on  new forms of controls like waving a hand over a smartphone interface to answer a call, Apple’s new patent “holds some potential” for adding invisible controls for gaming, ebooks, iTunes etc.

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