Apple iOS Maps 3d Apple being the multinational American company was founded on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne.

Apple iOS : iOS which is previously known as the iPhone operating system , now being called the mobile operating system was developed and delivered to the e-market by Apple Inc. This was established in 2007 for iPhone and iPod Touch, and later been used by other Apple devices like iPad and Apple TV. The Apple’s App store contains about 650,000 iOS. When the main heritage of Apple iOS was out-rightly copied by Google android, there started kind of hatred developing in Steve Job’s mind as other side is being benefited four times the revenue without android App. But since both iOS and Google is being coupled , Jobs wanted to change this and Siri was introduced by cutting off Google with equal search options. This contained the high large data component maps which was designed such a way that the new version of iOS maps was not driven by Google.

3D Maps

This has been announced on June 11, 2012, at Apple’s WWDC as a feature among 200 features on iOS 6.

Apply is being working in-house on 3D mapping for few years and to evade off Google’s own mapping technology. Apple’s new App Maps launched show high definition images , featuring refreshed user networked with a brand new navigation bar. This navigation bar will soon shift  to silver color as on iPad on the iOS 6 for Maps than usual blue one which is the current color scheme of iOS. It is told that the iOS version of Maps got a floating locate me button at the left corner.

Apple is  at the final touch of its own 3D mapping software by receiving support from three software companies Placebase, C3 Technologies, and Poly9 between the 2009-11. This produced highly sophisticated 3D images integrated with 2D images which are coupled with the earlier existing advanced automated software and algorithms, featuring satellite images, landscape photographs, and even generated images by the user. This 3D mode can be enabled at the lower right corner and by tapping the 3D icon at the lower left corner this app can be switched on fully.

Apple is now at the finishing process on its 3D mapping app , and is right-away being tested in build 10A3XX of iOS 6.

So basically Apple will lead Google in image mapping and develop even more advanced with this latest technology in iPhone and iPad cutting off  Google permanently.

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