Apple iPhone 5 - Specs and Reviews. Is it Worth Upgrading?The wait for the iPhone 5 is finally to be over soon, fall is almost here upon us and that’s when the Apple pre planned release date comes. Last time when they had the new iPhone still waiting by their inventory but ready to hit the markets very soon, the much trouble causing thing later on Apple stocks was the name to the new iPhone. Much anticipated to be iPhone 5, last time the name didn’t happen as it was expected by us as well many in the tech world. When Apple decided to give out iPhone 5 but to stick to iPhone 4S, it put down many and then it hit on Apple stocks that time. But now, the wait is over for the new product and the same time for the name (iPhone 5), the long wait is over.

Not just iPhone 5 this fall, but we have the new iPad Mini getting released and the new version of iOS, the iOS 6 released along with iPhone 5. But the iOS 6 beta is still on trial, developer idevices got the runs and trials done, but the final release of iOS 6 would carry with it an all new set of features and tons of improvements. When we look to just the software side, iOS 6 itself would be even more powerful and feature rich compared to its previous releases and sure would all want to find an upgrade to their baseband in any case. So going for an upgrade, beyond doubt would be a big yes for Apple users and when the iOS 6 supports devices starting from iPhone 3GS on, we can see lot downloads the first day itself flooding the Apple download servers. If that was just about the software, the new hardware along with the powerful new iOS 6 to harness its features to full, lot could we expect in terms of numbers and sales in the first splash days of the release to the new Apple iPhone 5.

Although the clear cut specifications to the iPhone 5 is not available from Apple, this 6th gen iPhone would feature a slightly larger display compared to the previous versions. Apple went along 4 inch display, 16:9 aspect ratio on 1136×640. When the iPhone 4 is 960×640, the new iPhone would be slightly big in terms of height and the glass display this time would be at least 10% thin. Not just the height is going to change, the leaked photos to iPhone 5 got much narrow casing. But it the leaked photos look just like the 4S. But if you are planning to get your new 4S from 3GS or iPhone 4, it’s not an wise to do that now, we already have the iPhone 5 on door, so its more a wise thing to get along a direct upgrade than to go for 4S or a not-iPhone device.

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