Apple Mountain Lion OS ReviewAnother one operating system from Apple, the new Mountain Lion is the next build to its previous operating system Lion that was released to last July. Now the new build definitely is advanced to its predecessor, priced $19.99 at Apple’s App Store, it got over 3 million downloads in the first four days. Now thats pretty good to have such numbers coming in the first days, making this new release the most successful OS X release in the company’s history. Sure the price got lot to do here for the big numbers that totalled in the first few days, $19.99 for bunch of new features is more than reasonable. Apple numbers says around 200 plus features. But the release is available for the above price as an upgrade for Lion or Snow Leopard users.

Let’s take a look what Apple has brought in new to the earlier release. Basically the new release holds with it about 200+ features. That carries with it massive feature additions like AirPlay Mirroring, Notification Center and yeah a bunch of tweaks they made to the decade “old” OS. Features like Facebook integration, Dictation, system-wide Sharing, Dictation, Game Center they have brought in new and revamped. The iCloud integration Apple did this time eases important document storage. Lets your Contacts, Calendar, Messages, Mail, Reminders and Notes stay safe and organized the same time.

Though the Facebook integration is not available live in the original release, Apple got that part added in the coming update. If you have plans to upgrade to the new Apple Mountain Lion OS, have no second thoughts, it’s a good decision to make. $19.99 for something that is this feature rich sure is a smart choice to make. Apart from the new Mountain Lion OS X, visit the Apple App store to find multitude of free and paid apps that takes the full potential of the new Mountain OS.

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