After the official announcement of iPad 4 in October 2012, there have been rumors heard around the release of Apple iPad 5 , a thinner and lighter version in early 2013. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for KGI Securities, says that Apple will soon   launch a 9.7-inch iPad 5 to maintain it’s position in the tablet business.

Jeremy Horwitz, iLounge editor-in-chief have recently told that iPad 5 won’t be available for sale still  October 2013. Digitimes has also recently  reported that 5  production won’t begin till July or August. Earlier reports stated that Apple’s next iPad would launch in April but in the new report,the scene has completely changed. Apple’s fifth iPad is expected to undergo a complete redesign and it will keep up  iPad mini’s design identity and solves out all the flaws in it. It’s been even told that there’s a shortage of touch sensors for the iPad mini which is the main reason for it’s delay.

It’s been said that iPad 5 will be a thinner version when compared to the existing model. It has the same weight, thickness and price like its predecessor. It is expected that Apple iPad 5 will come with a  ”GF DITO” (or GF2) touchscreen technology which  is already been used in the  iPad mini. However it will be  23 percent thinner and 53 percent lighter than its predecessor.

iPad 5 will also  feature an improved A6X processor. DigiTimes has also reported that the screens for  iPad  will be supplied by LG and Sharp so you can just imagine the clarity.   iPad 5 will also come with a vibrating mode for message alerts. iPad cases are also expected to be  smaller than the iPad 4  and comes with a hole on the back for the microphone. iPad 5 would consume less power and also runs on a thinner battery.

 iPad 5 camera also comes with great effects and you will fell in love with the clarity of all the pics that you take. You will have to wait for few more months to confirm the authenticity of this rumor by Apple officials.

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