Archive All Your Data Online for Cheap with Amazon Glacier The world’s largest online retailer now got for us the cheapest online storage available. The new product from Amazon, the Amazon Glacier is a new online backup service, lets you store any your files at a massively cheap price. 1Gb backup at just 1¢ a month is really cheap by any standard, making it the cheapest storage plan offered by any cloud storage provider.

Amazon gets you a 99.999999999% durability, that would just mean and more than mean that all your files and data are safe staying with Amazon Glacier data centers. Now lets look at how much the costs would come annually by taking an example. Say you have a 100 Gb hard disk, all your pictures, music and videos or just anything you can get the Glacier services for just around $10 a year! That would be the cheapest price you can find anywhere, 100Gb files on cloud at a price little over $10 a year.

Now there are two main needs why we need to look to cloud backup. One, to access files from other computers and the next to stash all your important data. Cloud services like Dropbox got for you perfect solutions for the first, easy access of files from other computers and devices. Glacier, best fits for the second, lets you stash all your important files, nothing like a hard disk crash or a data loss would be no longer affecting you, long as you have the Glacier cloud for you. If you got a problem with the files on your computer that you already backed up, you can send a data retrieval request and they will have you data backups ready for download within the next 3-4 hours.

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