When we deal with bulk outbound calls sometime there is a chance to miss calls if you are using call file as a mechanism for auto dial out. This is called asterisk choking. when too many files are moved simultaneously into the outgoing directory. Therefore it may be advisable to move them step-by-step with a slight delay.

Solutions to overcome this Asterisk choking

1) Using Manager API is a solution

2) Feed the outgoing folder with less number of calls simultaneously.

3) Find the cause and fix it in the source code.

4) Find out apt time delay between copying of call files.

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Sanil S Founding member of MobMe Wireless Pvt Ltd, Ayruz Web Holdings

One comment on “Asterisk Choking (Missing outbound calls)

  1. Arun Raj R on said:

    Hello Sanil,

    There should be a mechanism to calculate the sleep time (that is used to maintain call files in the pool) depending upon the playback time of the audio file and no. of simultaneous calls allowed.

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