There were times in the past when public relations professionals used to fax pitches and press releases to media outlets. But now the whole scenario has changed, PR pitches are to be made quirky, funny, and creative in order to grab the attention of the media and to inspire a story idea. For instance a reporter or blogger receive around 100-300 emails everyday and they hardly get time to go through very lines of it. If your brand requires some third party coverage then you should put in your time and effort to come up with some creative PR. Your message should hold the reporters for few minutes and create a spark of interest in them to come up with a potential news story.

Send Something Persuading

Your pitch should appear persuading for the reporters; they should get a feeling that there is something interesting in it. A good example for it is the promotion of the movie, Paranoman. The main protagonist of the movie is a boy who has paranormal ability and he need to save his town from zombies. The promoters sent zombies to caskets to reporters with a note ‘ From the funeral reporter’. It got a great attention and got featured it in the media.

PR Pitch Doesn’t Need To Be Serious, It Can Be Something Fun

CodeWeavers introduced  a new program called CrossOver Impersonator that allows you to run certain Windows programs on a Mac. The theme showed the CEO  and founder dressed up as “crossover impersonators” from the “Wizard of Oz”. In the background, employees were posing and interacting with life-size cut outs of famous people that have David Pogue’s face pasted on them. This was something really fun and gave extra mileage for the campaign.

Make Use Of Social Media

You can become more serious about social media as it provides awesome platforms for spreading your pitch. You can use ay per click ads in social networking sites to make people notice. Aimclear uses pay per click ads in Linkedin to popularize their pitch. If you are using Twitter then you can reply to the tweets that they make or answer to the questions they ask them, retweet them. Treat them like your any other Twitter friend. When time passes they will recognize your name and reply you back at times or even follow you back. When you establish a good relationship with them you can use the medium to send your short pitch. If they are following back then you can make use of the direct message feature to prevent the confidentiality of the matter from your competitors.

Highlight The Fact That Your Product Is Doing Something Amazing

Boeing, in an attempt to win more headlines for its new Dreamliner 787 jet, flew the aircraft across the United States. The flight path drew the numbers “787,” along with the company’s logo. It came out to be a sensational news in every media.

If you become more creative, then it will definitely help you to obtain free publicity and attention.

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