Just like how Rosey the Robot took care of “The Jetsons” in the early 1960s, you can  expect robots making life easier for you. The next big news in tech world is the  telepresence robots. Innovations like Robo-Doc has already taken a prominent place in the medical field. Recently, iRobot and Cisco has jointly made Ava 500, the first viable robotic solution for “face-to-face” communication for far-flung telecommuters and satellite office workers. iRobot  has already stolen global markets with it’s interesting innovations like ‘Roomba’, the  home vacuum robot and the bomb-defusing ‘Packbot’. The bomb disposal robots have protected soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan whereas Roomba vacuum cleaners are used in most of the households now. Cisco is a pioneer in building office networks, telecom etc.

ava 500

Ava is  a 5 foot four inch robot that assists you by making use of an iPad or an Android tablet for it’s brain and Xbox motion sensors for it’s movement.  It is specially built for offices so that it can help companies to connect with their employees all around the world using video conferencing. However, the main difference here is that this teleconferencing robot will go out on the floor and find you out. This is something really exciting.

Dave Evans, chief futurist at Cisco has explained that from the waist up, Ava 500 uses Cisco’s technology and from the waist down, it’s all about iRobot. Cisco provides the EX60 personal video endpoint, which comes with a  huge 21.5-inch, 1080p screen, camera and Wi-Fi connectivity. The screen can slide anywhere from 65 inches to 52 inches, it will be bolted to the iRobot’s body.This feature is just perfect for keeping the robot’s screen at eye-level during sit-down meetings.


Ava’s body resembles a rolling parking meter and it features a  Primsense 3D motion capture system, the same technology which is used in Kinect for Xbox 360. It spreads infrared light in a room to get a highly detailed 3D image of the surroundings. The top portion of the robot rotates independent of the base, it is highly beneficial when the  robot or users look through the robot’s camera. The iPad mini will select the desired location of the Ava 500. It will use a preinstalled map of the office and schedule it. It uses self navigation.

Cisco’s Dave Evans says, Ava 500 “takes us past traditional fixed environments” and offers “location spontaneity.” People won’t focus on the robot but rather they will focus on who is on the screen.  Ava weighs 170 pounds and it is battery-operated, the charge lasts for about 6 hours.

Ava 500 is soon going to revolutionize the teleconferencing experience in offices all around the world. It will make your life much easier like never before!

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