Be Known: Monster Introduces Social Tool To Connect Emploers and EmployeesMonster launches the great app BeKnown collaborating with Facebook for all job seekers out there! This is an easy app which could effectively connect employers and employees around the globe through the most happening social media. Monster app completes combines with Facebook for helping out the job seekers as well as the employers to search for employees. Don’t worry whether the app interferes with your privacy as your personal information would be much secure.

Get Started With BeKnown

Once you got BeKnown installed, import your Facebook profile photo and profile from Facebook page if it suits your current professional status or try uploading a new professional type image along with educational and experience updates. You can also import your details from LinkedIn or Monster. BeKnown once you get it done you can go through jobs under your category, check-up company profiles, and apply for the post directly from BeKnown. The app would help to better your profile matching the job.

Monster app would also  help in connecting with professional BeKnown users as well as you can import Facebook friends.   So what makes BeKnown as important app? It is suitable for any job seeker at any level. It easily provides easy networking via Facebook irrespective of the post you are up to. Got integrated with about 19 languages making it more an user friendly international social tool.

Be Known: Monster Introduces Social Tool To Connect Emploers and EmployeesThe most relieving feature of BeKnown is the way it keeps your professional data from personal. Yes, your BeKnown profile is way different from your social media profile. So no worries if some fun share or post your update in Facebook would interfere with your professional profile.

As you search for jobs, BeKnown provides introduces you with types of tools for easy job search. Monster made it so effective by in building the app with Monster search engine, so BeKnown would basically help in searching jobs on Monster. The featured jobs you see on BeKnown would automatically suit your profile details created on BeKnown. Make sure the details given are correct and in complete form. Hence Monster would come up with jobs that matches with your educational qualification and experience.

If you think the job suits you, be ready with your BeKnown profile and apply just under one-click process, and voila your resume reaches the company! BeKnown helps you to follow your favorite company where you are looking for vacancies or even read through any company’s portfolios.

BeKnown encourages free posting of jobs by the employers and it would charge a fee if the posting is widen to reach to more job searchers.

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