Best 5 Todo Apps For iPhoneGetting things around us organized is a tough thing to do, not the story of just one individual but we all find this the same way. Smartphones have always helped cut the troubles to a good extent, but sure is, there is always a simpler way to get things done. iPhone does your daily tasks and organizations simple. The advanced artificial intelligence personal assistant, Siri bundled with does things real good. One could as well make use of other To Do apps to organise things by clusters and do it perfect when your version of iPhone got no Siri support. Here are few To Do apps for iPhone.


A  simple user interfaced application and perhaps this one application is the most graphically designed, iOS specific app. Fully harness the multi touch interface of iPhone to bring out extended ease of tasking with and organizing.

The app is priced at: $2.99

Toodle Do

Toodle Do is best known for the simplicity it offers. Makes working with and setting tasks go smooth for any user, new or advanced. Easy add new tasks to the do list, option to prioritize individual tasks, assign tasks to folders, reminders, and a bunch of functions to help you stay organized better.

The app is priced at: $2.99
Link: do


The iOS build of the well known TeuxDeus web application. Designed and revamped for iPhone, with the interface featuring advanced tasking functions for all your tasks and organization requirements.

The app is priced at: $2.99

Air To-Do

Simplified interface, easy working with for any new to advanced users. The application is social integrated, the Facebook, Twitter and email API’s are made use of. Though it offers much simplified, easy use interface and social integration we can’t see with most other applications, this one application is much simpler compared to its competitors.

The app is priced at: $2.99


Stylishly designed, Wunderlist offers advanced tasking features. lets you sync with desktop clients, Macs or PCs on other operating systems. Easy use interface and tasking facilities, it takes up outstanding tasks perfect and priority items can be starred for easy management and options to list out tasks in a variety ways.

The app is priced at: free app

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