It is very obvious that job seeking is a tougher responsibility in this competitive world until we are offered with a secure job. The social media is undoubtedly playing a huge role in our lives and its linked to most of the events around. So here social media comes up with some tools for all job seekers to aid them in finding the right job.


It is somewhat identified as a browser plug-in which helps you to search different social media profiles of a specific contact and connect it through Gmail. This tool keeps you not logged out of Gmail though you switch between tabs searching profiles of a contact. Rapportive tool does your work by searching profiles of the given email address and get it neatly arranged in one place. Through Rapportive you can see the Tweets made by the person, profile portfolio, send a LinkedIn request and lot more without getting signed out of Gmail account. 

Best Social Media Tools For Job Seekers


An email service which provides a snapshot of your current activity across different social media connections. You alone browsing through the social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter would be a tedious task and there would less chance that you would be happy with the searching. NutshellMail prevents the slipping of important data during the search. You can adjust the timings of receiving your NutshellMail and also the digests. 

Best Social Media Tools For Job Seekers

Job Change Notifier

Job Change Notifier when connected to LinkedIn account gets you email notifications as the LinkedIn connections changes jobs. This would be really useful if the vacancy matches you or if the company is about to hire new employers. Try to be active with your connections as you can send congratulations to connections if a new employee is selected or if the company earn some bonus, etc as this could help you easily to get into openings offered. 

Best Social Media Tools For Job Seekers


An extension currently enabled on Firefox, Safari and Chrome which turns on your email signature to one of a promotional kind with a better functionality. This would help your social media connections to keep in track of your current activity. It becomes more easy for the employers as well as you if your profiles are available in the signature of your email. Also WiseStamp highlights the current activity on your blog posts and tweets which inturn helps the receiver to send your request, message you hence widening the connection.Best Social Media Tools For Job Seekers


This significant web tool helps to narrow down the search by limiting on specific people or those who you follow in Twitter. This prevents junk tweets or unrelated member search in this huge mass media. PostPost gets you required data based on your search on a given account. PostPost can make the discussions simple.Best Social Media Tools For Job Seekers

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