Bing’s airport maps will make traveling easier. You will have an easier time finding your way around airports all over the country. It never hurts to have a little help available to you when you are away from familiar territory. Now you can log on to Bing and get a detailed map of one of the currently 42 available airports. This map will help you find your way around the airport and its parking facilities with ease.

When you go online on your lap top or smart phone you will be taken inside the airport to be shown gate locations, restaurants and stores, restroom locations nearest you, parking and other things you need to find. There is a map of each concourse in the airport. You can easily find the airport you want by searching for the airport name or code like Denver Airport or SEA for Sea-Tac International Airport. In addition to this, Bing has added a new map link next to the flight status search results.

Once you find your airport on Bing Maps it will be highlighted in blue. A mouse over will introduce your airport. Then you can zoom in to see details like location of all the parking lots in relation to where the ticketing counters are. This is really important if you are running late and need to find the best place to park to get to your ticket counter fast to check in. If you are flying on a particular airline, you want to park closest to that ticket counter. Denver airport is really nice to have this map to guide you through, as are any of the really large airports.

If you zoom further in you will see detailed concourse maps telling you where to head for food and restrooms. You will be able to find the location of your gate–location is not always logical or in order of number–every airport has its little weirdness’s in locations of amenities and gates. You can also make use of Bing’s directory of all the airlines and shops at the airport you are at. If you mouse over their location, there will even be a description of business with some details for you.

If you go on Bing’s blog post you will get a list of all 42 airports currently covered and info on future maps planned. You can search on your desktop at home before you leave on your trip, or use your mobile device once you are at the airport. It is simply amazing how much detail you can get from these online maps. You will like traveling by air a lot more if you are not always forced to fumble around airports looking for your gate or a place to grab a fast meal before heading to the next location on your travel itinerary. There is either way too much time between flights or not enough to get to the correct connection without running. Having a good map of each airport along the way will help you make better use of your time at each airport to prevent missed flights and general unease.

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