The BlackBerry Live 2013 conference that took place few days before gave some insights for the tech enthusiasts. This is a conference held by Blackberry every year that is mainly held to discuss what’s next for BlackBerry. The event gives deep insights into the technology, ideas for mobile strategies, and inspiration for practical business solutions.

During this conference, the company announced that it will be releasing the much awaited BlackBerry 10.1 OS update. When many of you are still waiting for  BlackBerry 10.1, the company has started working on  it’s next major update Blackberry 10.2.

This news was shared by BlackBerry’s Product Manager Michael Clewley. Michael makes it clear that BlackBerry 10.2 OS update is going to be released later this year, which makes it two major updates in one calendar year. He shared some of the new features to be introduced in the the next major update to the BB 10 platform. Some are discussed below:

  • Setting a time to a Remember item. Clewley has confirmed that BlackBerry Remember Tasks will get a reminder time which should have been there from the beginning.
  • Multiple alarms
  • Level 1 notifications : It allows you to set different notifications for t for any email address.
  • Standard Unicode Emojis (emoticons) will be supported in 10.2. if you are an emoticon fan then you will definitely love it.

Clewley has mentioned that  BB 10.2 update will come by June, with the final OS update hitting all phones (Z10, Q10 and Q5) under this platform before the end of this year.The Canada-based BlackBerry have already started to work on this version.

The new features are set to hit in the BlackBerry 10.2 beta SDK in June and in a release to the masses by the end of 2013. As for BlackBerry 10.1, betas have suggested we’ll see HDR photo options, new help demos upon first boot for new users, ability to turn off alerts for specific apps, BlackBerry World coupon redemption, and the ability to paste phone numbers right into the phone application.

You need to wait a little longer to hear about the official release date from Blackberry. One thing is sure Blackberry is trying hard to retain it’s global sales with every new updates. The team is trying hard to come up with features that can revolutionalize technology and make life easier for everyone. This smartphone will play well with all the  competitors in the market .Within some years, the company will regain it’s market by overcoming all flaws in the future models.

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