BlackBerry 10 Browser v/s iOS, Android and Windows 8The long awaited BlackBerry 10 software will be soon into the stores by January 30th, still adding excitement for the customers just a couple of hours more! It is reported that Waterloo, Ontario-based software company would be celebrating the major milestone in their history by the launch of this significant software, BlackBerry 10 operating system.

iPhone 5 being worshiped as fastest performers in the industry was put into test along with Windows 8 platform and BlackBerry 10. The launching model is developed by  Gadget Masters and they used BlackBerry Dev Alpha Beta handset and developer build BlackBerry 10 against the iOS 6 of iPhone 5 and Microsoft Windows 8 interface of HTC 8X.

It is been shown that in the comparison tests conducted between BlackBerry 10 web browser versus the latest iOS 6 and Windows 8, BlackBerry 10 browser exceeds other two in speed. Here the test was done on BlackBerry 10 web browser against Internet Explorer and Safari on Windows 8 and iOS and found that BlackBerry outpaces and topped in web browsing. This even indicated that iOS and Windows 8 got a powerful rival in the coming days. It is spreading that with the new WebKit-based browser of BlackBerry 10, the big powers of the mobile industry, iOS and Android would be slightly affected along with the latest Windows 8. iOS and Android are looking forward to gain their capability to beat up the advanced software launch of BlackBerry 10. Even the Android phones using Chrome browser was also tested and it did made out with BlackBerry 10.

Another impressive note is that WebKit-based browser put forward a stunning performance against iPhone 5 running on iOS 6 and Windows Phone  interface gadget. Also, Windows 8 based device came up with some errors on loading bit heavy webpage as marked as “content heavy.” The most exciting part is, the Blackberry dev kit used for the test is not the actual smartphone to be out, which makes BlackBerry 10 a true illustrious launch in history!

Hopefully the new branded model of BlackBerry 10 will soon push off the dated BlackBerry devices along with many other smartphones at the market.

Here, the video shows WebKit-based browser of BlackBerry 10 being tested against the rival platforms in loading webpages!

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