Yeah it was an amazing day yesterday. We enjoyed the camp very much. Almost 80 bloggers from different place even foreigners(Canada) also participated in the event. Playback singer Pradip somasundar is the celebrity among the people participated. All most all news media covered the event. The event started at 10:30AM and got it climax by 6:00PM.

The event was sponsored by kerala tourism. Couple of contests announced during the blogcamp one by another one by a resort from Vaikom.

The house boat is a big one with two floors. One floor contain bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and the top floor is a big conference hall with A/C. The house boat is owned by Ariya resorts. The lunch was delicious “nadan rice, kappa and fish curry and chicken.

Around 6 people had taken sessions of which a foreigner from Canada shared his experience about the wrist problems that may occur for bloggers and programmers which was informative. Moreover kerala farmer had taken a session about Malayalam blogging which was also interesting.

Special thanks to organizing committee and Kerala Tourism. Watch memorizing event is @ flickr.

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