Those who have bluetooth enabled mobile phone, are using file transfer service to exchange files between different bluetooth enabled mobile phones. Anyone can send any kind of files to nearby bluetooth device. The file may be either a image file or video file or even application installed in the mobile. Whatever file it may be, when we sent the file to nearby bluetooth enabled mobile phone it will receive appropriately. You know why it is receiving properly? Yes it is because those file sharing use OBEX, Object Exchange.

OBEX is a communication protocol that can be used to exchange binary objects between devices. It was developed by Infrared Association later bluetooth SIG(Special Interest group) adopted the same. OBEX is somewhat similar to HTTP, where the user can connect to the server is almost in the same way like HTTP. Afterwards the user can either make a request or provide object to push.

All the bluetooth enabled mobile phones are equipped with OBEX stack along with bluetooth driver. In my next post I will explain how to exchange files from your ubuntu system to any other bluetooth enabled device(s).

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6 comments on “Bluetooth OBEX :- What is it?

  1. i never think about what’s the protocol behind this

  2. Thanks for this buddy. sine you made a comparison with HTTP, it has lite a light in me. :-)

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  6. thanks buddy…

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