Bollywood Stars and Their Favorite Gadgets  Though most of the celebrities in Bollywood run on tight schedules, they got time to spare on gadgets like all of us do. Now for us, gadgets define the style and the “us”, lets see how they do with the celebrities. Putting down the top gadgets bollywood celebs use.


This is something we all can’t live without, hardly people do live without one. For celebrities, phones are the one way to let fans updated about the latest on them. Blackberry is the first choice to many for tweeting and for Blackberry Messenger.


When it comes to style and class, Apple does it good than anyone else, the same reason we can think most the celebs of Bollywood are after iProducts. Priyanka Chopra uses MacBook Pro, iPad 2 for most of her social activities, Madhuri Dixit is taken as a total Apple girl, tweets from her iPad regularly. Lara Dutta got herself a new iPad and looks like she is completely into it these days. Abhishek got an ipad from Shweta Nanda, the Big B as well owns one. Not to leave Deepika Padukone and Anupam Kher, both got an iPad as well.


Though Nokia is on going serious crisis in the “outside” world, Bollywood seems to have not much kept away Nokia when it never tried to look for a change or get along the Android operating systems as its many other competitors did. Priyanka Chopra and Gul Panag makes use of Nokia for their daily tweets!

The Androids

Even that many using iProducts and iOS look at Androids as just a “half-baked” operating system from Google, just to show they got some tail in the mobile OS sector, Bollywood sees it different. Aamir Khan uses an Android for most his social activities and tweets. Now dont wonder which Android it is, Galaxy tab is what he got.

Video Games

Gamers Unite! Anyone of you spending on an 8Mbps connection for online gaming and clan wars, you got company from Bollywood. At least few of the Bollywood celebs are gaming addicts, SRK got an entire floor maintained at his home for gaming gadgets. Die hard soccer fan Farhan Akhtar would often compete with Sharuk on Don 2 sets. Xbox, PS3 and Nintendo Wii are all time favorites to Ranbir Kapoor.

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