myZingo e-commerce services Pvt Ltd launched its flagship offering this month. Buytheprice is an online B2C shopping portal
that is built on research of consumer behavior and cutting edge technology –
E Commerce 2.0. This is the first time in India that E-commerce 2.0 has been
used in an online shopping portal.

With E-Commerce 2.0, buytheprice plans to introduce a completely new concept
of online “social” shopping along with providing a fast, easy and secure
shopping experience. The site will provide enhanced value proposition to the
consumer and give him more reasons to choose online shopping over physical

Using E-commerce 2.0, buytheprice can track the demand for a product. The
higher the demand for a product, the lesser the price becomes. The advantage
of this is that an individual consumer benefits from many others who intend
to make the similar purchase. This revolutionary technology would help map
the real time demand and supply which can offer better savings for the
Another important aspect of is the use of twitter as one of
the customer care channels. Customers can make enquiries and raise tickets
by tweeting on @btpcare, which is also a first in India.
Currently the website has the 10 best deals that span across categories,
where one can be assured of the best price on the product. Later, it would
scale up with dedicated 10 deals for each category, as and when the demand
is shown by the people. Rather than taking an approach of opening a portal
with thousands of SKUs, prefers to start with fewer but very
effective deals and scale up.
myZingo is founded by Ranjith Boyanapalli, who formerly headed the eTail SBU
at eYantra Industries Ltd and is a name associated with the online retail
business in India. He is an alumni of IIM Indore.Tharachand Suryadevara and
Jagdish Kothapalle, co-founders of myZingo come with an IT expertise.

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4 comments on “Buytheprice: The Indian Ecommerce store

  1. Anish K.S on said:

    Thanks friend, will check the same.

  2. christian louboutin on said:

    I bought something from these store,they are wonderful and huge slection.

  3. Motercalo on said:

    Me too and it was great.

  4. MD NAUSHAD HUSSAIN on said:

    This is to inform you that till now the product is not delivered to me, inspite of my repeated mail and also asking to to give me the docket no of the aremax courier,you did not provided me the consignment/docket no, which show that still you have not send me the product but practing fraud, lies and unfair trade,
    But you never felt that due to your continues lies you will certainly leave a very negative and bad impact upon the customer mind. anyway it is my unfortunate that I buy from your site, firstly you did not send the product samsung guru E2152,which i have purchased from your marchent site , secondly upon my repeated request by email and calls you told me that item will be picked up and the original purchased item will be delivered on 03/05/11, when i did not find any delivery of product to address by your courier, i repeatedly email you , but you never bother to answer any mail, once i got your mail as below that my purchase item is send on 04/05/2011 since you always lies so did not gave me docket no, which shows of your malafide conduct and unfair trade practice
    That since few day upon my repeated your courier aramex your told me that the buytheprice is most of the worst merchant site they never send the item on time but are dam liers to to which the bona-fie customer has to undergo harrasment.
    Please note that i am regular buyer from merchant site future bazar,letsbuy,ebay, Home shop and other marchent sites but i never face such difficulty with them as they are very active,always there to help
    and responsive, when one call or email abovesite he got instant reply but in your case there is no any appropriate authority to contact save and except the customer has to rely upon you one and one email id and one customer care,
    There is no appellant authority or any other concerned phone numbers or contact details.
    Anyway i suggest you that change your working culture, and dont tells continues lies once you lost trust and confidence of the customer else nobody will dare to buy from your site.
    Md Naushad Hussain

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