When you took your first step, he was the one who held your hands. He have tossed you into the air and caught you every time when you come down. He taught you how to ride a bicycle and you saw your first football match with him. He was waiting for you the whole day when you went crying to school for the first time. He is the one who has narrated hundreds of bedtime stories to you. He is the one who stood with you when you have confronted so many problems in your life. He was the one who wept the most when you got married and left home. He is none other than your father.

Father’s Day is coming up on 17th June. It’s a special day which is dedicated to all fathers who played a significant role in shaping the life of their kids. It is the perfect day to honor the special man in your life who made you what you are. Your eyes will sparkle when you see the wonderful choices of gifts that all are set for this special day. You will have a tough time to choose a gift.

Case-Mate have recently announced a 20 % discount specially for Father’s Day. If your father loves gadgets then it’s a great idea to gift him a case. You can select from a multitude of case models available in different styles and patterns. Your dad will be amazed when he sees how you have read his mind and got him his favorite accessory. For availing this discount, all you need is to use the promo code “DADS2013” and order it before the 16th of June so that it will be delivered to you in the perfect time, right before the Father’s Day. It’s also valid till 16th June. It’s better to order it early to surprise your dad.


Case-Mate Father's Day Promo Banner


You can visit this site http://www.case-mate.co.uk/ and order the perfect gift for your dad. You can explore iPhone, iPad, tablet and smartphone cases in this online store specialized for cases. It offers free shipping for all U.K orders. You can opt for custom cases with images, for instance a pic of you and your dad together in your lovely moments is a great idea. You can also choose from designer collections, signature leather and tough cases as well. You can find affordable cases that look really cool and offer great functionality in this store.

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