future of cell phonesThe term “mobile” has been coined as early as man started writing on palm leaves, which accompanied a huge transformation as the thoughts which were geographically specific on inscriptions started moving to different areas (through palm leaves) . Not only thought process matched the process of writing but it also lead paths to spread these thoughts globally

world builder largeAnd a similar transformation has been taking place over the years as the computing devices are moving from their static locations and merging into mobile devices.
Mobile phone has become an ubiquitous technology that facilitates almost every interaction in our daily life .Let us go through some aspects that we may come across in future.

Mobile Banking:

Mobile-bankingMobile commerce has now become possible after the introduction of technology like NFC (Near Field Communication).
Recently Google unveiled its tap to pay technology which allows customer to use their cell phones as an electronic wallet, taking us a step closer to future where you don’t need to carry cash or credit card to buy items.


MDG : Learning access with mobile telephone : Wikipedia website on an IphoneThe current digital age has opened a new relationship between students and teachers which were unimaginable previously.Smart phones and tablets are rapidly gaining ground in the 21st century in the education sector and who can forget the much hype “Akash Tablet” which was meant to provide affordable education to masses?

Digital Camera:

The mobile is much more than just a communication device now, looking forward in the future it could well replace professional digital cameras. Lately, Samsung had launched “Samsung GALAXY Camera “- a phone specially made for professional digital photography.


navigation systemsWho can forget the burden of carrying a map previously but with the development of GPS technology, navigation has become a lot easy now. Moreover technology such as “Augmented Reality” has certainly augmented the effectiveness of navigation devices. The Information can now be displayed on the windshield indicating weather conditions, traffic information and specific alerts for any potential hazards.

mobile navigation systems3D Experience & Projection system:

We always get fascinated when it comes to smarter and efficient screen capabilities and there’s no doubt that the resolutions would grow bigger and better in future, like the stunning resolution with the retina display in iPhone 4and the day is not far behind when we will probably begin to see holographic 3D technology able to provide us with a 3D experience without the need for any glasses
And with incorporation of projection system TVs and projectors would certainly be replaced by cell phones.


Remote control:

It may sound as a science fictional story but there are few approaches being pursued in order to interact with appliances through your cell phone. Pranav Mistry’s project “TeleTouch” lets you to control anything you see on the screen just by touching it.You can control the Music player, TV or Open and close the door just by touching on screen. Sounds cool isn’t?

User Identity:

With facial recognition and Biometric identification round the corner, cell phones could well become your identity in the future. It could also be used for surveillance purposes.

Holographic Video Calling:

HologramWouldn’t it be awesome if you called someone, and they appeared in the room you’re present? This is where holographic video call technology steps in and with 4G and 5G technology on its way it could certainly be the next big thing in future.


What if you’re phone can clean itself or scan for harmful toxins in food? “Impossible” as one may say but right now technologies are being developed and one such conceptual mobile device that you may come across is “Nokia Morph”- it clearly demonstrates the functionality nanotech might be capable of delivering like transparent electronics, self-cleaning surfaces and there’s great possibility that we may even come across such devices in the future.

So where are we headed?

The power of these technologies packed into mobile devices continues to multiply and in future they could merge to a point where they are so ubiquitous that we will forget that they even exist. They could possibly take over many electronic devices to make our daily life as simple as possible.
But let’s see what the future holds for us!
Share your thoughts in the comments.

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