When you are out for a vacation or a business trip, that moment which you hate, the most is that when your  smartphone battery go down. Sometimes you might have forgotten your charger too.  Don’t worry anymore, there comes an ultimate soultion for it which is  Energenie ChargeGenie. It is the world’s first universal portable smartphone charger.  You can us this charger for an Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry handset. The best part is that this device comes at a price as low as £24.99

The ChargeGenie 200 Portable Laptop Charger has a battery capacity of 20,000mAh. You can even use it for cameras, satnavs, portable games consoles and tablets as well.

It comes with a  reusable sticky pad on its flat side and a short cable with a micro USB plug on the end. You can stick the unit to the flat back of your phone and plug in the cable. The best part is that you can charge your phone when it’s in your pocket and comfortable to carry wherever you go.

There is an LED display that clearly indicates the amount of charge getting into your phone. If you are a heavy smartphone user then ChargeGenie is a must have accessory for your smartphone. so that you don’t have to worry even if your juice goes empty. You can play high end video games without fearing to lose your battery charge when you travel. As it’s very compact and lightweight you will never regret of carrying it to your destination.

You can buy this charger directly from Energenie‘s site for just£24.99

Here is a demo video of this portable charger given below:

Video: ChargeGenie, The Portable charger

There are a few weak  points for this charger as well. The battery pack gets too hot when you are charging, therefore if you are keeping it in your  pocket while charging, then make sure that you are keeping ChargeGenie facing out, not skin side.

It won’t give full  100% charge for your smartphone,it can give about 60-70% depending on your phone’s battery. However it’s more when compared to other battery packs.

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