I am genuine Windows vista user, however, I am also using ubuntu, both seems very friendly for me. As far I know a lot of memory issues and bugs are available with vista that widely affects its performance. Even while the vista booting, a sluggish process, it will take more than 10 minutes, my laptop is with 1GB RAM. Anyway whatever issues available the compulsion factor to use Microsoft products are far far better as compared to others. Windows vista’s bugs created a lot of ominous with Microsoft. They have recognized the issues during their beta release itself, from that time onwards they started fixing issues with Vista. Microsoft recently released a low foot print version that reduced the memory requirements.

As a matter of fact, I would suggest all of the Vista users to check your updates regularly. If your automatic updates turned on, don’t bother about this topic. Anyway I have turned off my automatic updates, cos that save some memory of mines :-( . Let me explain how to check out updates manually.

Step 1)

On the start menu click on the All programs, and select “Windows update“.

Step 2)

On the left top of the Updates window, you can see link ‘Check for updates’, click on the link.

Step 3)

It will start searching for updates. After sometime the window will show the updates available.

Step 4)

Click on the Install updates button, it will start downloading, and will automatically install the components into your system.

Microsoft Vista service pack is now available for download.

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