Chrome OS is all announced and one has to only wait and see whether it will be any match for Windows or chrome_os_logo2-thumb-550x308-20421Mac OS. Google in its official blog has announced that Chrome OS is nothing but a natural extension to its Chrome browser. It is entirely focused on the internet and is mainly targeted at net savvy users. They say the reason for the development of Chrome OS is that present day OS evolved at a time when internet was unheard of. Present day situations demand the need for an OS which is dedicated to integrate the functionality and features offered by the internet. Cloud computing will be a major factor which will influence the design of the new OS. It is built on Linux but Google claims that the windowing feature will be new. However reports which claim that it will usurp Windows are baseless for Chrome Os is targeted at netbook users at present and it is completely open source unlike others. Google has also said that it will be different from its Android OS which is devoted exclusively for mobile smart phones. Chrome OS is set to be released by the second half of 2010. Google has also claimed that its security architecture will be totally new and built from scratch.

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