The Android is good for many things. Its apps range from keeping track of your day to monitoring how much you’re spending each day. There’s also a whole range of apps dedicated to helping you study. Using your Android to help you study is a great way to get ahead of the class and prepare yourself for that next assignment.

Here are some of the best apps for studying outside of class.



Evernote is an app which you can use to plan your entire study routine. It’s great for students who have lots of subjects and upcoming assignments. It’s essentially a virtual notebook for compiling all those important dates.

You can even use it to brainstorm. If you’ve run out of inspiration for your art project, write down whatever comes into your head with this app and concoct something from that. The best part about it is its completely free to use. It requires Android 1.5+ to use.



Use DroidScan to pick up those little pieces of information and store them for later. It zooms in on text on billboards, food packaging, and books. If you see something you feel might come in handy later, load up DroidScan and take a picture. It’s a great way to take your study notes with you on the go too.

DroidScan works with all versions of Android and is free, although there’s a paid version available.



Sometimes there’s nothing like being able to take notes with your own voice. It’s more efficient and you can do it without trying to type or write it all down. Recordoid is a memo app which captures your voice with the Android microphone and saves the sound files. Replay the sound files later.

There’s both a free and paid version available. It needs Android 1.6+ to function.



ShareYourBoard is about collaboration. Write down anything you want on your whiteboard by taking images of the world around you. Arrange these images on the board and share them with your fellow students. This is fantastic for group projects where each member of the team really needs to get creative.

Students hard at revision can even use it as a stationary flashcard system. It’s a free app and needs Android 2.1+ to work.


CoursePro tracks your coursework and assignments. Enter information about your next deadline and it will remind you when the deadline is up and coming. Set relays so you can track your progress as you blaze through each aspect of your project. It’s a planning app which you can use to get an overview of your work.

It’s a paid app, but it has a limited free trial version.

Astrid To-Do ListAstrid To-Do List

Astrid To-Do List does exactly what it says. It’s a personal organizer consisting of lists. Add little notes to each item on the list, update the descriptions, add and edit deadlines, and associate similar entries with tags.

You can use this app completely free of charge, but you will need at least Android 1.6 to work it properly.

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