Cloud hosting involves participation of a larger number of websites into a server and allowing access of information to those many as subscribed. It offers bandwidth sufficient to maintain a decent speed and also sufficient storage for a business to comfortably carry out handling large volumes of data. Server location is not of importance to the subscriber and installation of software is easy. Cloud hosting is a flexible way of data handling when time is not absolutely crucial and without break neck competition in business. Dedicated hosting as the name implies is a server dedicated entirely for the subscriber. The down time is reduced much more considerably and with the entire bandwidth dedicated to its subscriber there is no question of having to share space and speed. The resources may not be as diverse as in case of cloud hosting but when a business needs quick response it is wiser to be more welcoming towards the speed of data transfer. The dedicated host sever will probably charge more than cloud host servers as the number of subscribers in the former server is one.

Bandwidth Allotted for a Single Subscriber

In cloud hosting there is obviously involvement of a larger number of participants and the bandwidth required for sharing data is also more. But with so many subscribers, it is understandable that the allotted bandwidth for each subscriber is although significant but only a small part of the entire volume available. In dedicated hosting the entire bandwidth is leased by a single business organization or individual and thus receives 100% of the available space. This ensures a much speedier response time from and to the server cutting down the required time.

Thus, as far as bandwidth goes dedicated hosting is a far better option to opt for as the speed involved is also more.

Flexibility in Hosting

Cloud hosting servers use more resources from the entire web as compared to the dedicated hosting servers. Cloud hosting enables shifting of hosting needs as per the requirement thus there are more chances of being able to expand services. in a dedicated server since the subscriber has already been allotted a certain bandwidth entirely for a certain business need this shift of interest is not possible. Dedicated host servers cannot provide more data out of line than that already in. then again the resources at hand in case of cloud host servers is more as compared to dedicated channel. And it is exactly because of this feature that cloud host server call for more mobility in data handling. Therefore it is very important to first know the business requirement whether it needs much variety or steady growth.

Which is Ideal for Business?

For selecting a particular host server in any business a few things must be known to the fullest knowledge. First, the capital at hand and secondly, flexibility if needed. Thirdly, what is the speed involved. Only after meeting a majority of the given options should one choose a host server for business.

This guest article is written by Sathishkumar, an Online Marketer from South India.

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